About Us


Who We Are

Auzmer Research, founded in 2018, is an independent clinical research site dedicated to patient safety and accurate data. We provide high-quality care to patients in need by partnering with significant and influential pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to promote wellness in the community and pave the way for a new era of medical advancement.

Our Mission

Show empathy and protect patient safety.
Show integrity and produce accurate data.
Show respect for everyone’s personal space.
Show enthusiasm for your desired state.

Our Capabilities

Auzmer is equipped with all the necessary tools to run your studies efficiently including:

  • Staff trained in IATA and GCP.
  • Experience with most vendors and CROs to make study start-up easier.
  • Budget, contract, and regulatory turnaround in at most 2 weeks.
  • Proprietary program that tracks patient recruitment, visits, and inventory reducing errors.
  • -75°C, -60°C, -20°C, and 2°C to 8°C freezers and fridges for sample/IP storage with locking capabilities.
  • Continuous, automated temperature monitoring that alerts multiple staff by text and email if temperature is approaching excursion threshold.
  • Ample and secure storage for ambient IP.
  • Ambient centrifuge.
  • Dedicated monitor space with access to internet, phone, fax, and copier.
  • Private exam rooms for patient visits.
  • Double locked storage for patient charts.

Interested In Participating In A Study?

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