New clinical research study offers hope to Crohn’s sufferers in Central Florida


Brazikumab is a type of protein called an antibody that may help prevent and reduce inflammation. This study could be the answer you are looking for if you have Crohn’s.

How does brazikumab work?

The white blood cells that make up your immune system use different types of proteins, called interleukins, to send messages to each other. These proteins help to organize immune responses. In Crohn’s disease, a particular kind of interleukin, called interleukin-23 (IL-23), attracts new white blood cells to areas of inflammation, making it worse. Brazikumab is designed to stick to IL-23. This helps to stop IL-23 from binding to white blood cells, meaning they can’t get involved in inflammation. If IL-23 is stopped from binding to white blood cells, that should significantly reduce the symptoms making patients feel better.

Why is brazikumab
being investigated?

Previous clinical research has shown that brazikumab is a promising treatment for Crohn’s disease. The reason for the study is that researchers still need more information to confirm brazikumab can be established as an effective therapy option for people with Crohn’s disease.


Treatment includes two periods: induction and maintenance. If you complete both, it will last 52 weeks. You will be asked to attend the study clinic for appointments and receive various tests and assessments during the treatment period.
What happens in the
treatment phase?

If you are selected for this double-blind study and given brazikumab your results will be compared against a dummy treatment. The process is designed to confirm that the treatment works.

To be accepted for the study, you must be between 18 and 80 years old. Have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Have been told you have active disease and have had no response or an insufficient response to previous treatment for Crohn’s disease.

Why participate?

Crohn’s is a highly debilitating condition for many sufferers, and the opportunity to find a treatment is highly sought after. This study is your opportunity to be part of the cure. Participating in this study may offer the treatment to give you the relief you seek.

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